Airdrop Everywhere

Airdrop for every platform

Adidevsoft LLP


Airdrop is a really nice way to share just about anything among apple devices. It’s a convenient offline way to quickly share stuff. Using it makes you wish something similar was available on other platforms.

Well, now there is. You can use QuickIt to share files, photos, videos, contacts, links, text just like airdrop. It’s free, fast, works over WiFi, respects your privacy and available on iOS, android, windows, macOS and linux. Whatever platform you use, we have got you covered.

All you need to do is install QuickIt and be on the same network. Desktops/laptops can connect over Ethernet/WiFi as well. All the devices will discover each other and start showing up, you can easily share anything now.

Things you can accomplish:

  • Send photos/videos from any device and have them saved automatically in your gallery/photos app on android/iOS.
  • Send files from any device to any device, on android it’s saved in the downloads folder, on iOS in the QuickIt folder inside Files app and on desktops/laptops (windows, macOS, linux) wherever you choose.
  • Copy text on any device, send it to any device and paste it there. Just like magic.
  • Send links to any device and have them open there.
  • Send contacts, if it’s on mobile, contacts are automatically saved, on desktops you get a .vcf file, import it in your app of choice.
  • Transfer absolutely huge files without issues.
  • You don’t have to compromise on image/video quality anymore, share in the highest quality and full fidelity.

Enjoy privacy, speed and peace of mind with QuickIt.