Let there be privacy this new year.

High def new year with privacy on top

Adidevsoft LLP
2 min readDec 29, 2021


You are celebrating new year with your friends and family, you clicked a lot of photos and videos. A lot of them were clicked and a lot of phones were used. It’s time to share the treasure. It’s a diverse mix of iPhones and androids. What are your options? Use your favourite chat app and share in chats and group chats, but that just doesn’t retain the great details that your phones captured.

You are using a lot of high end cameras with their amazing photo and video processing, only to have it all squandered by the compression and resolution scaling done by the chat app to minimise the size. What’s the point then?

Not only that, your data will be uploaded and mined for every bit of metadata and data these apps can gather both on your device and on their servers. So what else can you do?

Easy, use QuickIt and share photos, videos over WiFi/hotspot, without compromising on privacy or quality. It works on all of your devices and your friend’s devices. Your data remains on your devices in the original, full, amazing quality. You can also get QuickIt for your desktops and laptops and quickly add the photos/videos to your collection for even further processing if you want.

This new year be the envy of everybody else by sharing amazing photos and videos on your social media accounts and only share what you meant to and not a pixel more ;)

Happy new year 2022 to you and your families.